October 29, 2010

Mozartweg 10

My uncle and aunt live in this place.
It's a simple concrete construction from the 60s. There's nothing really special about it but it's so well made. Everything is in perfect shape although nobody has ever changed anything. The spaces are clean and well distributed, my aunt grows the best raspberries in their garden and during the afternoon, the light in the livingroom is pure magic.
And don't you love that flat concrete roof?

I want a garden too, one day. With a cherry tree.

And I hope you're having a good friday.

October 27, 2010


I have quite a few more photos from Germany to show you; I'm a little behind with my photos and everything else lately.

These are from the day we went to visit our cousins who live on a farm. They have lots of horses.
I'm allergic and use to sneeze like crazy when I get near them, but I love their warmth, their colour and the noises they make.
And that they are so huge. Which also frightens me a little.
But "my" horse was 21 years old and as meek as a lamb. I took the photos so you don't get to see me riding. I wore a helmet and everything, very chic. I loved it.

October 21, 2010


More from my weekend in Germany.
The light and the colours were so good.
That's my aunt's and uncle's garden in the first two photos. I'll show you some pictures of their house soon, I love it.
Now back to work!

October 20, 2010

my poor pentax

In February I went to Berlin for some days. And my Pentax got wet.
It literally took a bath because the water from a bottle that apparently didn't close well transformed my backpack in a pool. When I noticed I was dripping I went crazy and emptied it in the middle of Karstadt. But obviously my Pentax was already soaking wet.
We took it home, it was snowing, I cried a bit. There was a fully exposed roll of film in it, too, which make me cry even more. At home, we cleaned it and left it open to dry.
The next day I shot a test roll, which came out just fine. Happy End.
But since then, some of the photos come out like the ones you see above. It only happens to some rolls of film, and not to many photos, but still.
It's so unpredictable!
Has something like that happened to any of you? It must have something to do with the diaphragm not opening/closing properly...but I don't get why it works sometimes and other times it doesn't. Grrr!!

Tomorrow I'll show you some nicer photos, I promise.
I hope you are having a wonderful evening.
I think I'll turn the heating on for the first time. My hands are freezing cold!

October 17, 2010

orange yellow blue

Some impressions of the lovely autumn days spent in Germany, in my parents' hometown.

I will show you more soon, although there are less photos than I thought there would be, as my Pentax seems to have a problem...

Today I'm staying in, drinking tea and working on a project for school. And you?

Have a lovely sunny Sunday!

October 13, 2010

back to normal

I'm back from a wonderful weekend in Germany. Only 4 days that felt like a long holiday, filled with so many people and things that I forgot about everything else. So nice and replenishing (and so difficult to get back to a normal weekday).

Some things I loved the most:

To peel kilos of tiny apples from my aunt's garden to make a cake.
I rode a horse!!
Raspberries, also from the garden.
The sun and the fresh air, especially in the morning, when the grass was wet and the light bright but a little bit foggy.
SO MUCH CAKE. And whipped cream.
To be with almost all of my cousins.
So many children around. They make family meetings so much better.

And then there are the delicious little things I brought back home with me:

The new CUT magazine (knitting season has officially started!)
My favourite candy (I mainly buy it because of the packaging)
Shortbread and Clipper tea my little sister brought me from England.
Appenzeller cheese and Ovomaltine chocolate from my cousin who lives in Switzerland.
Many rolls of film (3 exposed ones are waiting to get developed).

Stupid Ryanair made me pay 35 Euros for 1 kg of overweight thanks to my souvenirs...but I think they are worth it.

I'm happy you liked the old photos from the last post. It was nice to come back and read your comments.

Have a good day everyone.

October 08, 2010

the 80s

Today I want to show you some more favourite old photos.

We're leaving for Germany today to celebrate my mum's 60th birthday (again) with the whole big family, and I'm really looking forward to see all my cousins, uncles, aunts, and a new baby!!

I have been making sort of a nostalgic sentimental slideshow to show them at the party , that's why I scanned all of these photos. And thanks to my great time management now I have only two hours left to get packed and ready to go.

So I won't tell you much about these photos. I just love them, especially the 80's backgrounds (that Barcelona street in the 3rd photo...).
Perfect little historical documents.

That's my godfather (and me) in the last photo. Isn't he incredibly handsome?

I hope you all have a great weekend.
Mine lasts until Tuesday. So happy about that!

October 05, 2010


Here's some of that beautiful evening light.
Looking up on my way home yesterday; not the greatest shots as they were taken out of a driving car.
But the light was magic.

PS: Their new album is amazing.

October 02, 2010



Time flies. Here are some things I don't want to miss this month:

enjoy the last figs (making jam today). they are so incredible this year. i might love them even more than cherries.
eat millions of pears.
bake more (from this beautiful new book).
eat more chocolate.
wear woolen socks (at least at home. it's still quite warm here).
capture the evening light.
stew apples and put cinnamon on them.
start to knit something (I absolutely love this).
buy some new shoes (these ones maybe?!).
finish the 3 started rolls of film in my cameras.

What are you up to?
Happy Saturday!

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