August 30, 2010

more blur

Here are some more Leica shots. These are from France.
Today's a beautiful day; the air feels like September's arriving. Such a nice breeze.
Happy Monday everybody!

August 28, 2010


Some photos I shot with the Leica around my neighbourhood.
Does anyone know what's the problem here??

opa's leica

I have ugly feet an old Leica.
It was my grandfather's and I treasure it, it's really beautiful. But I never tried to (or knew how to) use it.
Now I had it fixed and cleaned a few weeks ago and shot a roll of film. I was worried about the exposure (it has no light meter), but the problem turned out to be another: almost all of the photos came out completely blurry and I don't know why.
I'm going to upload and show you some of them. They look unreal. I kind of like them.

August 27, 2010


It's so hot and I'm full of huge mosquito bites and overcome with self-pity.

Yesterday on a walk with my sister I discovered two great shops:
At Snö they sell Swedish clothes (I found two great pairs of shorts on super sale. I've been looking for one decent pair since June. Now I've got two, so I suppose summer will have to last a bit longer...?!).
Nobodinoz is full of sweet stuff for kids; books, toys, clothes and even furniture.

I'd like to go to sleep now, if only the temperatures could drop a bit...please?!

Also: That's a dead cicada in the last photo, all dry and empty. And huge! Fascinating and somehow beautiful.


August 25, 2010

+ été


Another great sink and crazy hair and ugly toes and light and shadows and thistles and vineyards. And I love France.

August 24, 2010


les mûres

More French summer weekend photos.
Most of the blackberries weren't ripe yet. But I managed to find enough to make some jam. The last time I picked blackberries was maybe 15 years ago. I loved it and hope to find some here too. I won't if I don't get out of the city, that's for sure.

I just finished this book by Nicole Krauss. I liked it a lot. Next on my list is this one by Jonathan Safran Foer, which I'm really curious about. Yesterday I discovered the two authors are married! Lovely coincidence, isn't it?!

August 23, 2010


Some photos from our weekend trip to France two weeks ago.
These are from the (oh so wonderful) market in Sommières.

August 21, 2010



 The heat is back. And I don't like it.

I'm done with it for this year I think. Basta. I want autumn and tea and a pair of corduroy shorts.

Here in Barcelona I never know what to drink in bars during summer when it's hot: the fruit juices are bad and too sweet, I don't like coke, I don't like coffee and you can't always drink beer. They never have iced tea.

So today, I'm making my iced tea at home and look at my photos from the trip we took to the dia:Beacon museum while we were in New York.
It might be the greatest museum I've ever been to. The rooms are so huge and white and full of light, they put you in a strange state of total calm. You just walk and absorb everything. Every piece of art has so much space. And outside there's only green. In the middle of every room are big soft sofas you can just sink into. Everything about it is perfect.
I'm a bit ecstatic about it as you can see, but I think it's worth a trip from any corner of the world, even if you don't go to New York. And I hate flying. And I loved New York so so much. But seriously, it is that good.
You'll have to believe me or go there by yourselves, as it was not allowed to take photos inside. Buh.

Enjoy your Saturday!

August 20, 2010

de paseo



Lots of walks lately, in the morning or after a rain, while the streets are still empty,
avoiding the tourists that could get in our way.

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