February 12, 2012

true blue

From a cross-processed roll of slide film the Lomo LC-A that went a bit crazy.
Poblenou and lots of sunshine.

The photos are from some months ago, but the sky today looks quite similar, cross-processed or not.

How are you doing? I have to get back to working on my school project these days, but there are so many other (and nicer) things coming my way...I have to get better at multitasking!


February 02, 2012


...the light has been so good during these last weeks, outside and especially in our home. I am really grateful for that, as there has been lots of work for school; many days barely getting up from my desk. When there's light it's not so bad.

Right now I have an ugly cold and winter seems to have arrived. It was supposed to snow today, but for now nothing's happened. Everybody's talking about the last time it snowed, remembering the exact day (8 march 2010)...it's really something extraordinary here.

My parents are coming for dinner tonight; after 6 months in the new place we finally got a table! I'm making pumpkin with chickpeas and basmati rice, and carrot cake; from recipes by my two best British friends, Nigel Slater and Dan Lepard. Stupid detail: with my congested nose I can't taste anything today...

I hope you're fine and wish you a nice weekend. Will you send me some snow if there is any where you are?

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