February 12, 2012

true blue

From a cross-processed roll of slide film the Lomo LC-A that went a bit crazy.
Poblenou and lots of sunshine.

The photos are from some months ago, but the sky today looks quite similar, cross-processed or not.

How are you doing? I have to get back to working on my school project these days, but there are so many other (and nicer) things coming my way...I have to get better at multitasking!



  1. oh i recently found your blog.
    and i love your photos!

  2. A bit crazy yeah but I like them :) The bike one especially.
    I just got a LCA too, it is so much fun to shoot with !

  3. Wow these are awesome! I especially like the first one. Love your photos. Summer here in Australia has been quite cloudy with a lot of rain. But the grass is so lovely and green.

  4. I like all the blue in your pictures!

  5. wonderful pictures, loved how the cross-processing turned out!!

  6. Wow, these pictures and the cross-processing are amazing. I have to search my lomo :)

    Btw: your blog is great! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jana --

    How did you get this blogspot layout? I love it! How can I get it?

  8. love love love how those pictures turned out!!


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