May 22, 2011

Moncalieri (Torino 3)

Moncalieri is where N's family lives.

And that first photo of the tiny pasticcini on their golden plate is my favourite from the whole trip.
Just because it reminds me how good they were. And of the sweet ritual that is buying them in that fancy pasticceria, choosing each one as if they were precious little jewels, having them arranged and packed up carefully.

Makes me even forget about the icecream.

May 16, 2011

Torino 2

I'm busy but fine.
Happy new week!

May 09, 2011


A long weekend in April.

Between dinners and lunches at my mother in law's, we managed to sneak out for some afternoon walks and the obligatory daily ice cream (the one in the photo is pistacchio/caramello al sale).

It's such a photogenic city. I appreciate its beauty now much more than when I used to live there. Even if that sounds quite cliché.

Have a good week friends. I'll have to catch up with school stuff, as I've just come back from another wonderful long weekend abroad.

More photos soon.

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