May 09, 2011


A long weekend in April.

Between dinners and lunches at my mother in law's, we managed to sneak out for some afternoon walks and the obligatory daily ice cream (the one in the photo is pistacchio/caramello al sale).

It's such a photogenic city. I appreciate its beauty now much more than when I used to live there. Even if that sounds quite cliché.

Have a good week friends. I'll have to catch up with school stuff, as I've just come back from another wonderful long weekend abroad.

More photos soon.


  1. Driving back from our holiday in Florence last summer we made a detour through Turin. It looked to be an elegant & spacious city. I'd like to go back!
    These make me want to go back :)

  2. My papa is from Torino and my family still live there. Your photos are beautiful and make want to go back as well. xx

  3. che meraviglia!
    i love the way you captured the light in there!

  4. you're so lucky to visit all these wonderful places I see on your blog!
    have a nice week xx

  5. thank you for the post, I used to live in Torino, too.
    By the way, I like your blog.

  6. was für tolle bilder jana...das schaut nach einem schönen besuch aus..besonders das stühlebild finde ich super..einen ganz lieben gruß an dich

  7. those stacked chairs! -- i've never tasted caramelo al sale ice-cream, i bet i would love it...

    schönen sonntag! :)

  8. Me gusta mucho la foto de las sillas. Pues si, la verdad es que tenemos un montón de trabajo de proyectos, yo aún no se como te lo montas para irte de viaje , supongo que es solo question de organizarse.

    Nos vemos mañana !

  9. Lovely photos! Now I crave Italian gelato!


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