November 26, 2010


Serious lack of posts here these days, due to serious lack of time, and consequently of photos.

That's why you get some nice late summer photos today, which i got developed when summer was already over.
They don't seem very appropriate knowing that in Munich, where my sister lives, it's snowing today. I'm so jealous.
But these shots make me think of warm september days, which are a nice thing too.

And it's actually summer in some parts of the world, right?!

I hope you're having a nice Friday evening.

Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your nice comments on my last post.
(I'm still hiding my computer, but we're slowly forgetting, and I'm actually very brave and staying home alone this weekend!)

November 19, 2010


Hello my dears. It's been some time, and this time I won't even blame school for being absent.
Last week started so well with my birthday, beautiful presents and cakes, and with a shiny new fantastic computer.
On Saturday night, we had some friends over for dinner, and when they had left, and we had gone to bed and fallen asleep, someone broke into our home.
They climbed on the balcony from the street (we live on the 1st floor, but it's still 5 meters, not easy at all...), and took not only my shiny new computer, but my old one (which had all my work and stuff on it) and N's computer, too.
Luckily we didn't wake up; just the thought of that possibility makes me shiver.
But I'm still pretty shocked, and angry, and frightened too.
And I have lost a lot of work and data, especially from school (which is really annoying), some photos (luckily I shoot much more analog than digital) and tons of music.
And I don't want to leave my windows open anymore.
I had to get another computer. Which is shiny and new, too, but only reminds me of all this. And I hide it every night...sad.
See you soon. Enjoy your weekend and please close your windows.

November 08, 2010


Today's my birthday!

And if I look older, that's not the years, it's the weekend spent in front of my computer doing school work for today's class. Perfect timing, right?!

It's a good day anyway; fall weather, woollen tights, and messages and calls from everybody.

And I'm looking forward to a nice happy evening with my man.

I hope you all have a good day, too.

November 04, 2010


I can't believe it's November already.
The weather these days feels more like spring, and it's confusing me.
(How am I supposed to knit anything if I don't even wear a jacket during the day?)
I liked the idea of a list last month,
so I repeat. Here are some random things I would like to do during November:

Not let school eat up all of my time!!
Find new shoes - the Camper boots I wanted are sold out, that's what you get for waiting too long!
Take a camera with me more often
Ride my great new bike
Celebrate my birthday
Buy a calendar or two
Start to practice yoga at home
Eat soup (it has to get colder...) and mandarins and swiss chard
Light candles in the evening
Buy fabric and finally (try to) make myself a dress

In the photos you can see Letitia, Paul, Clara and Ella, some of my cousins' fantastic kids.

PS: Brian's inspiring plans for November.

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