November 26, 2010


Serious lack of posts here these days, due to serious lack of time, and consequently of photos.

That's why you get some nice late summer photos today, which i got developed when summer was already over.
They don't seem very appropriate knowing that in Munich, where my sister lives, it's snowing today. I'm so jealous.
But these shots make me think of warm september days, which are a nice thing too.

And it's actually summer in some parts of the world, right?!

I hope you're having a nice Friday evening.

Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your nice comments on my last post.
(I'm still hiding my computer, but we're slowly forgetting, and I'm actually very brave and staying home alone this weekend!)


  1. i'm jealous of the snow in northern europe too :)
    it's about 2 degrees today.. quite cold for here but sadly not cold enough for snow.
    happy weekend!

  2. Summer here in Australia .... love the Barcelona shots ...I love Barcelona so much !!!

  3. i just stumbled upon you and so glad i did. i love your photos :)


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