July 30, 2010

Red hook

Hot, strange and beautiful.

July 29, 2010

ny city feet

wooden floor in our apartment + Beacon + PS1 + some Brooklyn playground + the rooftop terrace at dawn


The first museum we visited in NY.
We didn't manage to see all the museums we wanted, missed the Met for example, and the Museum of Natural History. So we'll have to go back soon i suppose, oh yes.
Anyway, the ones we saw I loved.
The current exhibition at the Guggenheim was "Haunted", with really interesting photography and video art by different artists (you can still visit it till September 6).

July 28, 2010

new york


So we went to New York during the first two weeks of July, and pretty much fell in love.
I'm going to post some of the (300?!?) photos i took on our trip here during the next days.
It was way too hot most days (I hate hot!) but I enjoyed every minute, and I miss it!!


Hi. So it has been four summers that i've played with the idea of a blog. In 2006 I opened a blogger-account. And a wordpress-account. And then that was it, i left them empty and filled my summer with other pastimes.
A few days ago I decided to open a blogger-account, again, and i found the old one. But this time I sat down, thought about a name, and a header and all that.
Those complicated decisions almost stopped me again but here I am with my brand new blog.
I hope to post my photos here, and other things maybe, I'm not sure yet.
Right now I'm so motivated I'd write down tons of things that I'm going to do and make and post here, but I suppose it's better to just get started and see what happens.
I don't feel too comfortable writing in English, but i hope to get used to it and to get better maybe.
Anyway, I'm sure it's going to be fun.

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