September 29, 2010


Just some random photos for you today, I have lots of work to do for school.
Most people in Spain are on strike today.

Have a nice day!

September 25, 2010

i més...


More photos from the same roll. If it only wasn't so difficult to hold that camera straight!

Thinking about clothes and sewing today.
I'm still in the very beginning of learning. But there are so many things I would love to make! Too many actually.
Everytime I see something beautiful, I start to save tons of images from the web, then search for hours for the fabric I have in mind, which I usually don't find. Then I see the next project or garment I fall in love with...I need some structure or I'm never going to sew anything.
Do you know where to buy nice fabric online? Or where to find good patterns?

PS: A propos, today I've been browsing through the new APC Madras collection. So many pretty things!

September 24, 2010


Today Barcelona celebrates its patron saint, la Mercè. And I'm still coughing.
But I hope to go and see the Morning Benders play on Plaça Reial tonight!

The photos are from a walk with some nice light a few weeks ago.

Happy first autumn Friday to you!

September 22, 2010

the 70s

I've catched the season's first cold (remember my sneezing the other day?), and autumn hasn't even officially started yet. So today, it's ginger tea, honey and paper tissues.
And looking at some old photos i scanned some days ago at my parents' place.
I wasn't even born when these were taken. That's my mother in all three shots, and my father in the last one. The clothes, the glasses, my mother's (fake) curls? the colours? There are so many details to discover and love about them.
Maybe later I'll show you some more.

September 20, 2010


These are the last photos from Munich.
In the next post we'll get back to the here and now.
I hope your Monday is good. I'm sneezing but everything else is fine.

September 17, 2010

il pleut

More Munich photos and little to say. First week of school's already over.

Rain and thunder outside, and I'm happy to be staying on my sofa. The temperatures have dropped a bit, and the rain can go on all night and make nice sounds while it cleans the street and the air, which have both been dirty and stinky these days. (Yeah, talking about the weather again.)

A song instead??
!!!!!!! (I'm so happy they're playing in Barcelona next week!)

I hope your Friday evening is sweet. Don't get wet!

(My sister Mayra took the last photo. I look like an angry five year old because I had just noticed that I had lost an entire roll of film.)

September 15, 2010


Some of the things I liked most in Munich:

Spending time with my sister.
Rhabarberschorle and Zwetschgendatschi.
Meeting this sweet little boy. His name is Lio.

September 12, 2010


These are from a walk I took with my sister through the Hofgarten and the Englischer Garten in Munich. I love that it's such a green city. And yes, there are surfers in that park!

The week is over, and so are the long long holidays. Tomorrow I start school again.

Here's a happy tune for a better Monday: >>>>>>>>

September 10, 2010



We went to the Pinakothek der Moderne on Sunday. It's next to the Brandhorst Museum (and to that icecream place, that's why we had to go there again) and on Sundays you only pay 1 euro. It was a bit crowded, but more in the shop and in the café than in the actual museum.
I loved the trees inside the building, and the lights and shadows under the roof of the huge foyer.

September 08, 2010


I got my roll of film back from the lab and spent hours scanning the negatives as they forgot to give me the cd with the photos. But they turned out nice!

I took these shots around the Museum Brandhorst, a beautiful new building (the architects are Sauerbruch & Hutton from Berlin) with a great art collection inside.
And the icecream you can buy on the other side of the street (at Balla Beni) makes it even better. I went there three times in four days. Their icecream is so good you can feel Italy is just around the corner, or behind the Alps.

More photos tomorrow. Too much computer today.


I came back from Munich on Monday, and yesterday I suffered from something I have called the climate-jetlag...The weather was so different there, real autumn temperatures, and light, and rain. Getting off the airplane I thought I was in the tropics!! And I'm still acclimatizing. By the way, I'm sorry I always complain about the weather. I don't like the heat, and sometimes I think I still have to figure out if I live in the right country...

Munich was really good. I shot two rolls of film there but apparently I didn't load the first one into the camera correctly, so the first 36 photos I took exist only in my head. That had never happened to me before and I was really shocked when I noticed it. So stupid!!!!!! I hope at least the second roll comes out well.

The photos above are unrelated, let's see if I'm able to coordinate photos and writing at some point. I hope to show you some Munich photos in the afternoon.
These ones are from some walks around town last week, taken with a camera I hadn't used before, the EXA 1a. I find it a bit complicated to get the framing right with it, and it doesn't have a light meter, but it looks cute, and the photos turned out better than I thought they would.

September 02, 2010

>> MUC


I'm leaving for Munich now. I'll be back on Monday, hopefully with some nice photos and adventures to tell you about.
Thanks a lot for your nice comments during the last days.

Have a very lovely weekend!!

(The photo is one of my favourites from our New York trip.)

September 01, 2010

hello september!

It's grey and windy today. My feet are a tiny bit cold for the first time in months.
The shops and cafés that are closed during August are opening their doors and cleaning windows. The streets are full of traffic, everything gets back to normal.
Septembers in Barcelona are still quite summery, but you can feel the transition from summer to fall and I love that; the light is different, warmer, in the morning you can wear long sleeves, and there are definitely less tourists around.

Tomorrow I'm going to Munich to visit my sister over the weekend. Do you have any suggestions, like comfy cafés, nice shops, beautiful secret places? I don't know the city at all, and my sister just moved there.
I would love you to leave me a comment!!

The photos are from a family brunch in France and from my apartment, shot with the wonderful Ilford Delta 3200.

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