September 08, 2010


I got my roll of film back from the lab and spent hours scanning the negatives as they forgot to give me the cd with the photos. But they turned out nice!

I took these shots around the Museum Brandhorst, a beautiful new building (the architects are Sauerbruch & Hutton from Berlin) with a great art collection inside.
And the icecream you can buy on the other side of the street (at Balla Beni) makes it even better. I went there three times in four days. Their icecream is so good you can feel Italy is just around the corner, or behind the Alps.

More photos tomorrow. Too much computer today.


  1. once again your photos are amazing. i hope you enjoyed munich. i have been here for a year and yet havent been to that museum. you have inspired me to make the trip. x

  2. die schuhe sehen bequem aus!! ich mag die farbstreifen in der architektur.

  3. Bianca&co.: thanks a lot. the museum is really worth a trip. and don't miss the icecream :)
    i went to the café you told me about. it looked so nice but it was closed!! i'll have to go there next time, not on a sunday.

    Anna: vielen dank! das sind tom's, wirklich die bequemsten schuhe überhaupt. die haben so ein weiches lederfussbett, man läuft wie in pantoffeln.

  4. That first picture is lovely. I love the play with the clouds !

  5. the brandthorst facade is so good - love it!


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