September 24, 2011


Photos from France in August. This summer, with the move and everything, we only got to spend one weekend there.

It was a very good weekend that included blackberry picking, jam making, melon eating, sleeping in absolute silence, and a visit to the brocante in Sommières.
So many treasures in the shadow of the plane trees by the river. I loved it and went home with a chair, two stools, a set of plates with a pretty pattern, a big old jam jar and a b/w agfa film expired in '92 (which I hope to use soon).

I wish you a quiet Saturday. I'm drinking tea, eating cake and cooking apples. Perfect, if it wasn't for my back pain. But it slows me down, and that's good sometimes.

September 14, 2011

move on film

Some shots I took the first times I brought my Nikon to the new apartment. There was a lot of cleaning to do. I think I scraped every floor tile. Luckily it wasn't as hot as it is now. Autumn where are you?? The heat makes me tired. Somebody send me some rain please?! Thank you!

Anyways, the floors are clean now and the kitchen is more or less finished. We're thinking about shelving for our books. In our old apartment we had three big Billy bookshelves for all of them. Now I want to distribute the books around the apartment. I would love to find some flexible and cheap (and pretty) modular solution.
I think this weekend we're going to build some of these.
This one isn't bad either, and it's made of ikea boxes.
Of course, other ideas are welcome.

I hope you are having a good week!

September 03, 2011

new good things

Hello friends. I'm sorry posts have been so rare here lately. The good news is I have a really great reason for this:
We spent August moving to a new apartment! I'm still in Barcelona and it's just a ten minute bike ride away from where we lived before, but it's still a big change!

We have been on the hunt for a new place for over a year, almost giving up in the end, because after all we liked our old apartment and felt stupid to visit places that were more expensive, in worse conditions, with dark and ridiculously small kitchens and rooms.
But then we found this place, and right now the only word that describes it for me is perfect.
It's in a quiet neighbourhood with no tourists (and still quite central), big empty streets and a lot of air to breathe. We have such a great view over the city, the sky seems so big and we see every sunset. Every room has so much light I always control if I have switched the lights off when I leave because it's so bright. And it's big, and I love the kitchen with it's huge window and old marble sink, and the floors, and that I have a little room all for myself.
You can see I'm completely delighted.

The move itself was quite long as we moved everything with our car in what felt like 500 drives back and forth.
I threw and gave away a lot of things and keep throwing out things as I empty the boxes. I really want to stop accumulating stuff. What is it that makes us keep on buying things we really don't need and so many times don't use and even forget about??
I found it intense to go through all of my stuff after four and a half years of living in the same place, hard to decide what things to keep and why, but it has really been a good exercice for me and I want to think more about the things I buy, the things I want and need.

I leave you with some random photos taken while moving in:
building the ikea kitchen ··· some pieces of furniture we fixed... ···  ...and painted ··· the enormous living room window ··· improvised living room ··· bedroom floor and window ··· part of the kitchen in progress ··· on the kitchen counter ··· this is where we are going to put a table a bit bigger than this, hopefully soon

Now I'm going to prepare some of these, in my brand new oven (!), while waiting for the announced and very expected (at least by me) rain and listening to Alexander and Laura Marling.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. On Monday holidays are definitely over for everybody here in Spain. I'm really looking forward to autumn.

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