September 24, 2011


Photos from France in August. This summer, with the move and everything, we only got to spend one weekend there.

It was a very good weekend that included blackberry picking, jam making, melon eating, sleeping in absolute silence, and a visit to the brocante in Sommières.
So many treasures in the shadow of the plane trees by the river. I loved it and went home with a chair, two stools, a set of plates with a pretty pattern, a big old jam jar and a b/w agfa film expired in '92 (which I hope to use soon).

I wish you a quiet Saturday. I'm drinking tea, eating cake and cooking apples. Perfect, if it wasn't for my back pain. But it slows me down, and that's good sometimes.


  1. what a place of treasures Jana. love the stools, they look amazing, perfect to sit on them outside on a warm summer night :)

  2. oh, so jealous! that looks like a perfect brocante.

    so sorry to hear about your backpain. does yoga help at all?

  3. Un fin de semana bien aprovechado. Me gustan tus fotografías!! Saludos!!

  4. wonderful finds!

    i can't imagine sleeping in absolute silence :)

    sorry for your back pain. i love that you find its benefits for you, but i hope you find relief from it too.

    love the first shot.

  5. Just found your blog through l'antipodeuse and I'm loving your photos. Instant favourite!

    Cheers from Portugal!


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