October 23, 2011

Kolumba inside 1

Photos from the inside of Kolumba Museum in Cologne. They are from my visit in May, but I just remembered I hadn't posted them yet.
Which is good because I don't have any new photos today.
Since I moved, the photo lab isn't just a five minute walk away from my home anymore. And it's not on my way home from school either.
I have three rolls of exposed film lying around...let's hope I manage to drop them off at the lab this week.

About the photos:
There is a magic in these spaces. Something about the light, the completely pure lines and volumes and surfaces that multiply the impact of minuscule details. And the carefully mixed and disposed artworks. I don't find the words but this is what I love about architecture. I would love to see more of Zumthor's buildings.

October 12, 2011

at home

I love our new place and I'm sad I rarely get to be home during the week. That's why the weekends have been spent mostly in and around the house lately.
On sunday I worked on my school project all day, and during the many little breaks, inspired by Maria's post, I took some photos.
Mostly of food. Weekend snacks are the best.

October 07, 2011

still summer

This year, summer lasts and lasts. It's nice but mosquitos keep biting, and I wouldn't mind some chilly october mornings to wear a pair of socks.
Luckily, apple and pear season has started anyway. This is a great cake. And I would like to make apple jelly too. Or apple butter? Do you have any experience or recipe to share?

· A sweet calendar.
· Watching this movie, and a lot (too much) of "Breaking Bad".
· I'm curious about this book.

And I'm happy it's Friday.

(photos from France in August)

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