January 26, 2011

cake and dispersion

Do you know that feeling? When you have some free time and you want to do so many things and you don't know where to start and in the end you do nothing?
I'm trying to get better at organizing and enjoying my free time.

And I have finally been baking a lot again these days:

· Molly's ginger muffins. I used Kefir instead of buttermilk. They're fantastic and we finished them in one day.

· Alice Medrich's brownies from "Pure Dessert" (my favourite brownie/chocolate cake recipe. easy to make and not too heavy on butter and eggs).

· Malin's Lussekatter. I didn't want to wait until next Christmas. And I'm glad I haven't. I loved the saffron taste and colour.

. this poppy seed lemon cake. it's quick to make and easy and sooo good. I used coconut oil for the first time (instead of half of the butter) and it gives the cake a very subtle coconut flavour which I loved.

Any baking favourites of yours I should try??

And another question: I would like to put my negatives in order, I'm starting to lose control over them. I would love to hear your method or suggestions.

Thank you dears!!

January 06, 2011


La Promenade du Peyrou, in early december. Silent, grey and empty.

Today all the children in Spain receive presents from the "three Kings" (Magi?). If they have behaved badly, they get coal made of sugar.
My present was that my alarm clock didn't ring this morning and I accidentally overslept a little bit.
Less hours to work but much better mood.

I hope the new year has been treating you well so far.
Thank you for your comments on the last post! I love to read them and then to click to your blogs and discover new beautiful things.

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