February 25, 2011






Last week, on a grey day, I went to visit the Igualada cemetery (by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinòs) with my school.

It was a nice coincidence that I had a black and white film in my camera. There couldn't have been a better place to use it.

I loved the rough materials the architects chose. The curved walls are made of stones and iron rods, old railway sleepers give the floor a beautiful pattern, and the concrete tombs also act as retaining walls. Moss and grass are growing on them. The place is built on several levels and seems to melt into the surrounding landscape.

I know it's a cementery, not the funniest thing to start your weekend with. But I hope you like the photos.

This week for me has been mostly school and work. And a lot of internet distraction.

Have a sweet Friday evening friends.
I think I'll spend mine on the couch. Any movies you have enjoyed lately? I'd appreciate your recommendations.

February 13, 2011

weekend at home

This weekend was spent without leaving the house, and I didn't even notice.

We assembled our new bed (that's Sophie's beautiful calendar above it),

he baked two loaves of bread (following the "Tartine Bread" recipe. Such a pretty book!),
I baked a cake (Nigel's recipe again: chocolate beetroot cake. so good.)

(sorry, yellow kitchen photos!),

I toasted hazelnuts and almonds to make some nut butter for this week's sandwiches,

we cleaned the apartment,

drank tea with lovely neighbours; they brought us yellow mimosas which now brighten up our living room,

and I spent some (a lot of) hours in front of the computer doing research for my new school project (a kindergarten).

I hope your weekend was splendid.
Happy Monday to you all!

February 09, 2011


These shots are from a beautiful new museum in a restored factory building in Poblenou.

I've only seen it from the outside so far. It was closed when we stumbled across it, during a bikeride around Christmas. I hope to visit the inside soon, and to take more photos.

I loved the colours and textures of the concrete walls and the birch trees.
There were no other visitors and the ambience was calm and somehow exotic.
The plants and trees in the garden are different from the ones you find in other parks around town.
I'll show you more when I go back there.

See you soon!

February 06, 2011

/ / / / / / / / / /

Days are running by so fast!
And these last ones have been feeling like spring already, so it seems even more that time is flying.

The weather is completely crazy, today we had 20 degrees I think. We walked to the beach, there were people in t-shirts eating ice cream, and my face felt warm and almost a bit burned when I got home in the afternoon. That bright sun felt strange but really good.

Obviously I haven't done half of the things that I wanted to do this week, but some of them, and some others too:

· knitting a pair of socks (still finishing the first one)

· more baking:
·· chocolate financiers (fast and relly impressive),
·· hearty walnut and fig cookies inspired by this recipe,
·· banana spice muffins (they make your kitchen smell so good),
·· Nigel Slater's cake of roasted hazelnuts, muscovado and coffee from "Tender Vol.2" (haven't tasted this one yet, it's still warm).
I would love to take photos of all those things and show them to you, but my kitchen is so dark. they always turn out yellow (the photos).

· new shoes! reduced price, unexpected. i'm so happy with them.

· new music: new Decemberists' album, new Iron and Wine's album, new fantastic Fleetfoxes' song.

· lots of flickr browsing and some beautiful and inspiring new favourites.

Good night!
I'll try to post some more new photos in the next days.

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