February 06, 2011

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Days are running by so fast!
And these last ones have been feeling like spring already, so it seems even more that time is flying.

The weather is completely crazy, today we had 20 degrees I think. We walked to the beach, there were people in t-shirts eating ice cream, and my face felt warm and almost a bit burned when I got home in the afternoon. That bright sun felt strange but really good.

Obviously I haven't done half of the things that I wanted to do this week, but some of them, and some others too:

· knitting a pair of socks (still finishing the first one)

· more baking:
·· chocolate financiers (fast and relly impressive),
·· hearty walnut and fig cookies inspired by this recipe,
·· banana spice muffins (they make your kitchen smell so good),
·· Nigel Slater's cake of roasted hazelnuts, muscovado and coffee from "Tender Vol.2" (haven't tasted this one yet, it's still warm).
I would love to take photos of all those things and show them to you, but my kitchen is so dark. they always turn out yellow (the photos).

· new shoes! reduced price, unexpected. i'm so happy with them.

· new music: new Decemberists' album, new Iron and Wine's album, new fantastic Fleetfoxes' song.

· lots of flickr browsing and some beautiful and inspiring new favourites.

Good night!
I'll try to post some more new photos in the next days.


  1. What a wonderful stream of images. The shoes look great. I cannot find anything nice here in Sydney somehow. Need to wait till I fly back for a trip to Germany to make some bargains. The second photo is wonderful...and I would love to sit in your kitchen watching you baking and having a chat and trying all the delicious things you are making :)
    Das wäre was Feines

  2. your photos make me want to fly to spain right now!!!!

  3. lovely blog! those pics and atmosphere ar warmish...thx

  4. Hi Jana! such lovely images!

    Can't wait here for spring to start, I miss eating ice-cream on a warm sunny day!

    Enjoy your week xo

  5. I just discovered your blog, just ♥ it!!!! I'll visit you again!

  6. Lovely pictures. Love the light in the first one.

  7. wow.
    love these photos.
    here via flickr and tara thayer - will be back.

  8. oh, i will so come back to your baking lists - they just sound too good!

    p.s.: hast du mal probiert, die bilder in der küche mit weißabgleich (white balance) aufzunehmen? du fotografierst dabei doch digital? der weißabgleich filtert dann das gelb teilweise raus. abgesehen davon habe ich auch nichts gegen gelbe bilder (wie man an meinen sieht, hihi.)


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