February 25, 2011






Last week, on a grey day, I went to visit the Igualada cemetery (by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinòs) with my school.

It was a nice coincidence that I had a black and white film in my camera. There couldn't have been a better place to use it.

I loved the rough materials the architects chose. The curved walls are made of stones and iron rods, old railway sleepers give the floor a beautiful pattern, and the concrete tombs also act as retaining walls. Moss and grass are growing on them. The place is built on several levels and seems to melt into the surrounding landscape.

I know it's a cementery, not the funniest thing to start your weekend with. But I hope you like the photos.

This week for me has been mostly school and work. And a lot of internet distraction.

Have a sweet Friday evening friends.
I think I'll spend mine on the couch. Any movies you have enjoyed lately? I'd appreciate your recommendations.


  1. wonderful photos! i love the texture and i think that's something you can only achieve with black and white film.

    i didn't recognize that it was a cemetery until i read your text.

    enjoy your evening on the couch. i'll do so myself. :)

  2. what a wonderful set, really well done. and you are so right, what a perfect place to have used black and white film.

  3. Jana, das sind ganz tolle Bilder...schwarz/weiß kann manchmal die Stimmung noch viel mehr stärken. Toll.
    ich hoffe du hattest ein schönes, erholsames Wochenende..(oder hast es noch :)

  4. Hello. I lived in BCN for a few years, and so it is lovely to see your photos of that part of the world. I recommend watching the film "Once"

  5. Das passt hervorragend, und Kompliment ein schöner blog!

  6. Primavera in black and white. Nice contrast. Have nice evening


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