February 13, 2011

weekend at home

This weekend was spent without leaving the house, and I didn't even notice.

We assembled our new bed (that's Sophie's beautiful calendar above it),

he baked two loaves of bread (following the "Tartine Bread" recipe. Such a pretty book!),
I baked a cake (Nigel's recipe again: chocolate beetroot cake. so good.)

(sorry, yellow kitchen photos!),

I toasted hazelnuts and almonds to make some nut butter for this week's sandwiches,

we cleaned the apartment,

drank tea with lovely neighbours; they brought us yellow mimosas which now brighten up our living room,

and I spent some (a lot of) hours in front of the computer doing research for my new school project (a kindergarten).

I hope your weekend was splendid.
Happy Monday to you all!


  1. weekends at home are the best. also...i like your collection of dishes.

  2. love your collection of mugs and bowls

  3. so you went with the beetroot cake recipe :)
    it's lovely & moist isn't it!

  4. Funny to see that I am not the only one that has different types of bowls and mugs. Each for every specific type of drink or meal. Nice photos

  5. I'm happy to see the first picture and those two shelfs are fun! wish I could try a piece of that cake :-)

  6. It sounds like a perfect weekend and perfect neighbors too (: Yesterday evening I met the first time one of my new neighbors and he wondered if it is alright to bicycle in such a cold weather. Yes I said, with enough of handmade clothes (:

    Beetroot cake, sounds very good. First task of today for me is also to bake a cake.

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. sounds absolutely perfect. am in love with your blog.

  8. ah ah ! that do you read me ?! sign seems to be everywhere ;-)

  9. oh you tried the chocolate beetroot cake - it's on my list too!

    love your 'yellow' kitchen photos! what a great place you have. that's blackboard paint on the wall, right? so nice.

  10. ooh, i like the sound of that nut butter - yum! also your great collection of cups. have a lovely week :)


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