March 06, 2011






Today, we celebrated the arrival of spring on our rooftop terrace with friends and neighbours.

It was so nice and the sun was really hot. From now on I would like to celebrate the change of the seasons more. To slow down and take a moment to look around. To observe the change of temperature and of light. To not just let time fly by without noticing.

I hope your weekend was sunny. Is spring showing itself where you are, too?


  1. it looks like spring is here too. i love your first shot a lot.

  2. This is a very good idea... but I don't have a terrace !

  3. wow i lve your pics! good job!


  4. Lovely to see the spring arriving to you. The light is pretty through these images.

    Here the spring arrives today as a huge snow storm. Windows covered with wet snow and I only see half of the lake behind my balcony, when usually I see the town behind it. But these are sure steps that the spring takes to arrive to us.

    Happy new week and thank you for visiting my small weather diary!

  5. lovely pictures, I really like this set!
    spring is also coming to switzerland, slowly but surely :)
    have a great day, kristina

  6. Excellent street shots! I hope to do the same by capturing the seasons on film :) and not yet, I can't wait for spring...

  7. this week i finally saw the first flowers coming out - at about 1000m.
    where did you take the first picture? i am incredibly fond of all your photos - i really liked the ones you did of the can framis museum. i hope it's ok with you that i reposted them on my blog.

  8. anna: the first picture was taken in the courtyard of the cccb here in barcelona.


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