March 18, 2011


I planned to show you some new photos from a little trip I went on last weekend.

But I forgot to tell the man at the lab that I needed the negatives scanned, not only developed. I'll have them on Monday.

Until then, I give you old photos from december (the good thing is, they don't look like 'winter photos', so they don't spoil the spring mood that's all around these days). And I wish you a sweet weekend flooded with sunlight.

Take care!


  1. these are good - and your story sounds like something that could happen to me too! :)

    p.s.: lauch auf dem grill? sieht toll aus. isst man alles, oder werden die äußeren blätter nicht gegessen?

  2. well these are a wonderful treat! i love them.

  3. Liebe das erste Bild, die Häuser sind einfach nur wunderschön! Besonders das rechte :)
    Freue mich auf die restlichen Bilder!!
    Viele Grüsse, Kristina

  4. Beautiful! Love that second to last one.

  5. lovely photos, and the shoes look cute :-)

  6. Nice blog! Love your snapshots!


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