March 25, 2011

ohne den Schinken

The weeks are so short lately! Why is that?

So finally some new photos. They are from Munich, where we went to visit my sister two weeks ago.
I liked it even more than the first time.
Spring weather was just beginning, and the more you go north, the more you notice that, especially in the people's moods.

in the photos:
· the very nice café Trachtenvogl in the very nice Glockenbachviertel
· "kauf dich glücklich", a bit of Berlin in Munich
. "jüdisches Zentrum" on Jakobsplatz


  1. Sehr schöne Bilder!
    Kauf dich glücklich ist ein feiner Laden!

  2. the tones in the first shot are superb.

  3. i love this set, especially seeing your reflection in that 4th shot :)

  4. oh "das trachtenvogel" sieht aber echt nett aus.
    und jaaaaaa, endlich kommt der frühling :)

  5. I miss Munich so much! I lived there for a year 4 years ago and a big part of me is still there.

  6. that top photo makes me long for Berlin, which is a good thing.

  7. can't wait for my holidays in munich, thanks for some inspiration! have a nice day!


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