April 01, 2011

Haus der Kunst

These are photos from the inside, the outside and the café of the Haus der Kunst in Munich.

It's an impressive colossal Nazi building on the verge of the Englischer Garten and we saw two great exhibitions there.
"Move" is about the interaction between art and dance since the 60's. Most of the works were interactive (In the photos you see my sister in Bruce Nauman's 'Green Light Corridor' and climbing her way through William Forsythe's 'The Fact of Matter'. Oh, and the gorilla? That's me...it was freaking hot under that mask).
"Future Beauty" shows japanese fashion of the past 30 years. Really inspiring.

And then they have a beautiful café, of course, with golden walls, a huge wooden table and this fantastic chandelier above it.

On another note, it's suddenly summer here, a bit to early if you ask me. But the sunshine has been beautiful these days, it has been distracting me from my schoolwork, and that's a good thing sometimes isn't it.

Happy beginning of April!


  1. ich musste gerade lachen über die und die Guerilla Maske....Das Haus der Kunst ist toll...ich dort mal eine Andreas Gursky Ausstellung gesehen...echt tolles Gebäude...

  2. Das Haus der Kunst scheint mir ein Besuch wert zu sein. Ist der Gang auf dem fünften Foto, dem grünen, tatsächlich so eng, oder täuscht das optisch?


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