April 10, 2011

This week

· We had 25 degrees and sun every day, which got me pretty distracted from all the school stuff

· I had to put aloe vera on my neck and shoulders to soothe my sunburn from last weekend's picnic on the rooftop terrace

· I ate my first strawberries of the year and they already were to die for...looking forward to the whole season

· I spent time in the sun with a dear friend visiting from Munich with her red haired fantastic baby girl

· I got an iphone and played with it, a lot

· Yesterday I did a yoga class that last all day. And I slept so well last night...

Now we're going to have breakfast with our neighbours and plant some herbs on the terrace (I won't forget the sunscreen this time!). And in the afternoon I should finally get some work done.

Have a good good Sunday.


  1. what a great week Jana, it all sounds so wonderful..today next week, I will be in Germany...It will be nice to see Spring after Autumn started here in Australia...hugs

  2. sounds like a wonderful week. oh sun and strawberries! enjoy your sunday.

  3. your parents home look so cosy & chic :)

  4. So pretty. All those colors.

    Have a happy new week!

  5. Very sweet pics. The sun is here too (in Marseille).

  6. Strawberries sound wonderful! And I am also planning on planting some herbs on my balcony soon!!
    Have a lovely week, Kristina

  7. lovely photos!
    it looks like you are having a perfect time!

  8. these photos are so lovely- the light in the second one and just getting a glimpse of your reflection- love. and the colors of those flowers, amazing. i can't wait to get our first strawberries! and i can't imagine and entire day of yoga... the most i have done is 2 hours!

  9. Cotilleando los que participantes del blog de Caminar Barcelona, he llegado hasta aqui!
    Tienes algunas fotos muy bonitas ! Utilizas digital o analogica?
    Por cierto no tenia ni idea de que fueras alemana !!
    Que te aprovechen las vacaciones!
    Nos vemos a la vuelta ;)

  10. Oh, I am really looking forward to the first strawberries of the year too!


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