October 23, 2011

Kolumba inside 1

Photos from the inside of Kolumba Museum in Cologne. They are from my visit in May, but I just remembered I hadn't posted them yet.
Which is good because I don't have any new photos today.
Since I moved, the photo lab isn't just a five minute walk away from my home anymore. And it's not on my way home from school either.
I have three rolls of exposed film lying around...let's hope I manage to drop them off at the lab this week.

About the photos:
There is a magic in these spaces. Something about the light, the completely pure lines and volumes and surfaces that multiply the impact of minuscule details. And the carefully mixed and disposed artworks. I don't find the words but this is what I love about architecture. I would love to see more of Zumthor's buildings.


  1. this is an amazing post! the photos are so lovely...

  2. it looks an interesting space with the different materials and textures.

  3. It looks like an amazing place. I love the use of wood.

  4. this is indeed an amazing building! the intense spaces, the different textures, the light... zumthor always know how to convey this multiple experiences in a single building. he will always be one of my favorite architects.

  5. what a great series! do you know if he designed the chairs and tables as well? they look quite a bit different in style to the building as such somehow.

    love the shades of grey, the textures and the drama of the wood! oh, and the loose leather cushions on the low sill.


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