September 08, 2010


I came back from Munich on Monday, and yesterday I suffered from something I have called the climate-jetlag...The weather was so different there, real autumn temperatures, and light, and rain. Getting off the airplane I thought I was in the tropics!! And I'm still acclimatizing. By the way, I'm sorry I always complain about the weather. I don't like the heat, and sometimes I think I still have to figure out if I live in the right country...

Munich was really good. I shot two rolls of film there but apparently I didn't load the first one into the camera correctly, so the first 36 photos I took exist only in my head. That had never happened to me before and I was really shocked when I noticed it. So stupid!!!!!! I hope at least the second roll comes out well.

The photos above are unrelated, let's see if I'm able to coordinate photos and writing at some point. I hope to show you some Munich photos in the afternoon.
These ones are from some walks around town last week, taken with a camera I hadn't used before, the EXA 1a. I find it a bit complicated to get the framing right with it, and it doesn't have a light meter, but it looks cute, and the photos turned out better than I thought they would.


  1. Too bad about the first roll :(
    hope to see the other ones though!
    have a lovely sunday!

  2. really love these shots!

    looking forward to your second munich roll.

  3. Beautiful pictures, I like the apartment building particularly. I'm acclimatising the other way - I was in Greece and have come back to freezing, rainy Austria, boo. I'll look forward to going home to sunny New Zealand at Christmas though ^_^

  4. Hi, I've got two times the same problem with my K1000 and I can understand how disappointing that is...(now I ALWAYS double check the right position of the film). Anyway you have nice photos and a nice blog, I'm happy I've found you! Have a nice day.


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