September 10, 2010



We went to the Pinakothek der Moderne on Sunday. It's next to the Brandhorst Museum (and to that icecream place, that's why we had to go there again) and on Sundays you only pay 1 euro. It was a bit crowded, but more in the shop and in the café than in the actual museum.
I loved the trees inside the building, and the lights and shadows under the roof of the huge foyer.


  1. oh, these are superb. such excellent spaces.
    i've a friend living in munich & your photos are inspiring me to plan a trip there :)

  2. oh das sind wunderschöne bilder...ich finde die pinakothek toll...ach ich hätte auch so gern eine Pentax : )

  3. this is a very interesting place

  4. I reallly love the third one one !-)))
    Discovering your blog, a lots of beautifuls pics.
    See you !


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