September 17, 2010

il pleut

More Munich photos and little to say. First week of school's already over.

Rain and thunder outside, and I'm happy to be staying on my sofa. The temperatures have dropped a bit, and the rain can go on all night and make nice sounds while it cleans the street and the air, which have both been dirty and stinky these days. (Yeah, talking about the weather again.)

A song instead??
!!!!!!! (I'm so happy they're playing in Barcelona next week!)

I hope your Friday evening is sweet. Don't get wet!

(My sister Mayra took the last photo. I look like an angry five year old because I had just noticed that I had lost an entire roll of film.)


  1. hallo! ich mag das bild von dir und der pentax.
    hab ein schoenes wochenende!

  2. Belle & Sebastian ? Are you going ?

  3. seeing that last pic makes me want to grow my hair longer :)

  4. auch wenn der Grund des letzten Bildes wirklich ärgerlich ist musste ich darüber schmunzeln : ) schöne Bilder Jana

  5. famapa: thanks :) I cut my hair last week! I like it a bit longer too, but depending on the day it can look great or stick up/hang down terribly...

    maria: danke, und schmunzeln ist gut :)

  6. that last picture is great - and i totally relate: it would so freak me out to lose a whole film.

    a happy week to you!

  7. Thank you for your comment: i love your blog.
    And I can see that you have the same camera I just got: a Pentax K1000.
    The last 2 photos of this post are so great!

  8. beautiful photos!! lovely blog you have here. do you shoot primarily with a pentax k1000?


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