September 01, 2010

hello september!

It's grey and windy today. My feet are a tiny bit cold for the first time in months.
The shops and cafés that are closed during August are opening their doors and cleaning windows. The streets are full of traffic, everything gets back to normal.
Septembers in Barcelona are still quite summery, but you can feel the transition from summer to fall and I love that; the light is different, warmer, in the morning you can wear long sleeves, and there are definitely less tourists around.

Tomorrow I'm going to Munich to visit my sister over the weekend. Do you have any suggestions, like comfy cafés, nice shops, beautiful secret places? I don't know the city at all, and my sister just moved there.
I would love you to leave me a comment!!

The photos are from a family brunch in France and from my apartment, shot with the wonderful Ilford Delta 3200.


  1. Das Glockenbachviertel ist ganz nett, dort gibt es viele kleine Cafès und auch Geschäfte..das Cafè Maria, oder der Café Trachtenvorgel zum Beispiel. Google doch mal, ob die einen Hinterhofflohmarkt zufällig haben...tolle Museen gibts in München auch und natürich den englischen Garten...

  2. bonjour! merci for your beautiful photos!
    gini from the mountains of south france

  3. I just adore your photographs,so beautiful.

  4. hi! i live in munich and can recommend an awesome organic, vegetarian/vegan cafe that sells yummy food plus an amazing tea list to boot. tushita teehaus - klenzestr. 53, right near the Fraunhofer Ubahn station, not far from gartnerplatz. they have a small menu that changes everyday. i always choose the rice dish and a chai tea. the cakes are amazing if you just want morning/afternoon tea. that whole area is actually very, very cool.
    can you please bring some beautiful weather?! x

  5. your photos are really beautiful. and that ilford 3200 is just stunning.

    thanks for leaving your comment on my blog, i had found your flickr (i'm glad you are happy about the flickr favourite mosaic!) but not your blog - and it' such a nice place here!


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