December 12, 2010


Right. We're in the middle of December, and my poor little blog looks like he's hibernating. Well he isn't, or at least he shouldn't be. I have been missing you.

So tonight, to break the ice, some random little things:

· I'm not going to write a list for this month, as during November I kind of lost track of the last one. There will be new lists for calmer days.

· I actually had some nice calm days this past week, in the form of a 5-day-weekend spent in France, without internet connection and with so much rain outside you could barely leave the house. It was wonderful, and we brought home a lot of stinky cheese. (The week before, N. had been in Italy to visit family and came back with a suitcase full of food. We really have a lot of cheese in our fridge right now...)

· There are so many great wintery snow photos on flickr right now. I'm jealous...

· Speaking of snow, in the (crappy) photos you can see the first batch of christmas cookies I have baked this year, Zimtsterne. I made a mess in the kitchen, but they are (were) so good.

What's your favourite cookie to bake for christmas???

I hope you have a good Sunday


  1. Ach Jana ich liebe Zimtsterne...meine Mutter macht so ähnliche allerdings mit mehr Walnuss im Teig und einer Nuss auf Icing, auch sehr lecker...Bin gespannt, wenn mein großer Brief bei dir ankommt, bald gibts auch eine Antwort auf deine Mail...

  2. genau DIE ZIMTSTERNE sind meine Lieblingsplätzchen! yammy! :))

  3. I love your stars, they look wholesome (did you use wholemeal flour?) just lovely !!!

  4. zimtsterne und vanillekipferl sind meine lieblings! lecker x


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