October 27, 2010


I have quite a few more photos from Germany to show you; I'm a little behind with my photos and everything else lately.

These are from the day we went to visit our cousins who live on a farm. They have lots of horses.
I'm allergic and use to sneeze like crazy when I get near them, but I love their warmth, their colour and the noises they make.
And that they are so huge. Which also frightens me a little.
But "my" horse was 21 years old and as meek as a lamb. I took the photos so you don't get to see me riding. I wore a helmet and everything, very chic. I loved it.


  1. oh, Pferde!
    ich habe bis ich 12 oder so war geritten und voltigiert...
    bekomme immer noch ein ganz weiches herz wenn ich ein Pferd seh.

    danek fuer die liebe email, ich hab mich sehr gefreut!
    habe online noch nicht ganz aufgeholt seit ich zureuck bin, abends viel zu muede. aber bald!

    das vorletzte bild ist uebrigens mein lieblingsbild,
    das licht ist phantastisch (und das t-shirt natuerlich auch!).

  2. how beautiful, every time I see a horse it makes my eyes water

  3. they are quite beautiful. i sometimes think i would like to try horse riding but never seem to get round to it.

    is that your niece? very cute smile!


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