October 20, 2010

my poor pentax

In February I went to Berlin for some days. And my Pentax got wet.
It literally took a bath because the water from a bottle that apparently didn't close well transformed my backpack in a pool. When I noticed I was dripping I went crazy and emptied it in the middle of Karstadt. But obviously my Pentax was already soaking wet.
We took it home, it was snowing, I cried a bit. There was a fully exposed roll of film in it, too, which make me cry even more. At home, we cleaned it and left it open to dry.
The next day I shot a test roll, which came out just fine. Happy End.
But since then, some of the photos come out like the ones you see above. It only happens to some rolls of film, and not to many photos, but still.
It's so unpredictable!
Has something like that happened to any of you? It must have something to do with the diaphragm not opening/closing properly...but I don't get why it works sometimes and other times it doesn't. Grrr!!

Tomorrow I'll show you some nicer photos, I promise.
I hope you are having a wonderful evening.
I think I'll turn the heating on for the first time. My hands are freezing cold!


  1. hallo Jana, oh nein, das klingt nicht gut.
    Danke fuer die liebe Email, und ganz liebe Gruesse aus Italien! Bis bald!

  2. these photos look lovely and rather enigmatic, i love them!

    it's peculiar though why some of your shots turn out fine and others don't. have you checked forums online? maybe if you find a good old shool specialist photo shop, they can fully clean and fix it?

    ich hoffe, du findest eine lösung!

  3. i agree with kristina. i like these alot :)

    i was with a friend the other days whose water bottle leaked in her bag, completely messing up her quite fancy digital camera. she was beside herself.

  4. Grrrrrrr, is the only word...
    It never happen to me... No idea ...
    Wish you luck...

  5. Ach liebe Jana, so etwas ist so ärgerlich und ich kann verstehen, dass du dann erst mal traurig warst ..aber ich finde die Bilder schauen gar nicht so schlecht aus, vor allem das erste finde ich wunderschön...Lieber Gruß nach Barcelona

  6. wish i could help :( that's sad

  7. i found your blog and i love it and i will come back later. see you.


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