October 17, 2010

orange yellow blue

Some impressions of the lovely autumn days spent in Germany, in my parents' hometown.

I will show you more soon, although there are less photos than I thought there would be, as my Pentax seems to have a problem...

Today I'm staying in, drinking tea and working on a project for school. And you?

Have a lovely sunny Sunday!


  1. What lovely pics, love the dress !!!

  2. Hübsche Bilder, wie immer. Besonders der Apfelkorb gefällt mir sehr. Was An was arbeitest du gerade? Du studierst Architektur, oder?

  3. ah, nice top! and autumn baking is the best...

    (this week, i'l have to work pronto on some architecture translations and then will have my sister, brother-in-law and nieces here from thurs night. i just know they will come into my bedroom really early in the morning whispering rather loudly to see if i'm awake, so i better do some advance sleeping as well!)

  4. what a delightful post!! thanks for sharing!!


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