October 13, 2010

back to normal

I'm back from a wonderful weekend in Germany. Only 4 days that felt like a long holiday, filled with so many people and things that I forgot about everything else. So nice and replenishing (and so difficult to get back to a normal weekday).

Some things I loved the most:

To peel kilos of tiny apples from my aunt's garden to make a cake.
I rode a horse!!
Raspberries, also from the garden.
The sun and the fresh air, especially in the morning, when the grass was wet and the light bright but a little bit foggy.
SO MUCH CAKE. And whipped cream.
To be with almost all of my cousins.
So many children around. They make family meetings so much better.

And then there are the delicious little things I brought back home with me:

The new CUT magazine (knitting season has officially started!)
My favourite candy (I mainly buy it because of the packaging)
Shortbread and Clipper tea my little sister brought me from England.
Appenzeller cheese and Ovomaltine chocolate from my cousin who lives in Switzerland.
Many rolls of film (3 exposed ones are waiting to get developed).

Stupid Ryanair made me pay 35 Euros for 1 kg of overweight thanks to my souvenirs...but I think they are worth it.

I'm happy you liked the old photos from the last post. It was nice to come back and read your comments.

Have a good day everyone.


  1. Oh meine Augen wurden groß bei all den Schätzen in deinem letzten Bild :)
    Toooll, die Ovomaltine Schoki bekomme ich manchmal aus der Schweiz mitgebracht, ich wusste gar nicht, dass man die auch in Deutschland kaufen kann...und die CUT :) Clipper Tee hab ich mir hier neulich auch gekauft..so was von lecker...
    Ach Ryanair...das ist ja echt ein schlechter Scherz...ich bin einmal mit denen nach Stockholm geflogen, das war wie eine Werbeveranstaltung, aber gut, was will man erwarten bei dem Preis :)
    Deine vier Tage klingen ganz wunderbar.....ich habe schon gehört, dass der Herbst so sonnig und schön sein soll momentan...

  2. really looking forward seeing that rolls developed! gald you had a great weekend :)

  3. where in germany can you buy cut magazine? i need it. i want it! funny i always thought clipper teas were australian . i will have to buy some next time im in uk. love their sweet packaging. AND that floor is lovely! beautiful photos as usual x

  4. oh, lovely goodies you brought back!

    and is that panna cotta with figs? yum!

  5. Oh the first picture is hum, fantastic !
    Chocolate mousse and panna cotta ?

  6. thank you all :)
    maria, die ovomaltine-schoki kam direkt aus der schweiz, glaub nicht dass es die in deutschland gibt.

    and yes, that's panna cotta with figs and chocolate mousse indeed...in cute little Weck glasses. and there was "rote Grütze" too...mmmh.

    and for the cut magazine: i think the stores where they sell it are on their website. i was lucky to find it at the (frankfurt hahn!!) airport...never imagined that!


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