October 08, 2010

the 80s

Today I want to show you some more favourite old photos.

We're leaving for Germany today to celebrate my mum's 60th birthday (again) with the whole big family, and I'm really looking forward to see all my cousins, uncles, aunts, and a new baby!!

I have been making sort of a nostalgic sentimental slideshow to show them at the party , that's why I scanned all of these photos. And thanks to my great time management now I have only two hours left to get packed and ready to go.

So I won't tell you much about these photos. I just love them, especially the 80's backgrounds (that Barcelona street in the 3rd photo...).
Perfect little historical documents.

That's my godfather (and me) in the last photo. Isn't he incredibly handsome?

I hope you all have a great weekend.
Mine lasts until Tuesday. So happy about that!


  1. wunderschoene Bilder, so toll altmodisch, vor allem die Farben (und einige Frisuren)! ich habe auch ein langes wochenende mit Familie vor mir: meine Eltern kommen am Sonntag fuer eine Woche zu Besuch, und Montag ist frei. viel Spass!

  2. I love these pics!! Especially the one of us in that car...awesome ;) cya tomorrow!

  3. Ach wie toll Jana : )) Tolle Farben und das Bild mit den Regenschrimen ist mein Favorit : ) Was für eine schicke Frisur du hattest damals : ) Ich hab da auch so ein paar in den Fotoalben Zuhause, das kann ich immer kaum glauben, was meine Ma mir da frisurtechnisch angetan hat ;)) Hab ne tolle Zeit in Deutschland, sammle Kastanien und Maronen und kauf schön die CUT : ))

  4. He's really handsome and you're so pretty. Lovely memories

  5. wow that pics are incredible. it is so nice from you to have scanned all that pics to show them at the bday! hope you enjoy bank holiday :)

  6. only seeing this now - hope you had a wonderful long weekend! (great pictures, by the way!)

  7. Your blog is beautiful. As are your photos!


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