June 02, 2011

Köln and almost Summer

A few weeks ago I spent some days in Germany visiting family, and I took these photos on an afternoon we went to Cologne.
It had been ages since the last time I went there, and although I lived in Cologne as a kid, and then many years very nearby, I don't know the city at all.
Some hours didn't change that, but it was nice to stroll around and recognize familiar places here and there.

Photos 2-4 were taken at brot & butter, the fantastic bakery/café of manufactum (where I bought this beauty). That beautiful pink drink? Rhabarberschorle; rhubarb juice with mineral water. I love it.

And in other news, hello June! We had some really (too) hot days already, but it has finally rained and everything is clean and fresh again.
For me, the best thing about this month is its fruit; cherries! apricots! I can't get enough of them.

PS: I can't get enough of old Magnetic Fields songs either these days. What's your favourite song lately?


  1. Rhabarberschorle sounds so nice!
    Favourite song of the moment is '17' by Stephen Duffy, such a catchy song with bittersweet lyrics.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9oP3f9dVxo)

  2. HI Jana, so nice to see an update on your blog. I hope you are well..
    I love to listen to the new Bon Iver album especially the song "Perth" sooo amazing..have a great weekend...bis bald

  3. oh these photos are lovely and i was wondering what that pink drink was! sounds so interesting! i love apricots too :O) fave song right now is Iron & Wine's "Walking Far From Home" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcZuS6PhB5I&feature=fvst) if you want to have a quick listen.

  4. such a lovely set! i'd love to taste this rhubarb drink.
    i am listening to ane brun.

  5. die kuchenform ist toll! ich hätte auch gern so was in der art, hab mich aber noch nicht entschieden (die von nordic bakeware sind auch toll). hier in Stuttgart gibt es auch Manufaktum und Magazin, da geh ich auch sehr gern mal hin, schöne Sachen streicheln. wünsch Dir einen guten Start in die Woche!

  6. that schorle looks beautiful!


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