June 21, 2011

here again

Hello! It's been a while.

The last weeks were filled with almost nothing but my project for school. I finally handed it in last Wednesday.
I'm still tired but summer has oficially begun. When the (academic) year is over i always need some days to understand that I suddenly have all that time for myself. (Btw I hope that this will be my last summer as a student!)

These photos are from a sweet family celebration in may, with many of my lovely cousins, the best German spring weather and some great cake.

See you soon.
I want to detoxify some from the computer, but still treat this blog a bit better during the next weeks. And finally be outside taking photos again!


  1. Firstly I thought that what a nice collection of three pictures taken of the same table and put together. Then I realized that there are three different cakes (the first thought about cakes, of course), three different shirts, three different coffees. Three different persons. Very nice photos and a family celebration indeed (:

    Summer night greetings.

  2. weißes Porzellan, ein dunkler Holztisch und blaue Männerhemden - perfekt!

  3. genieß' den moment, wenn einem bewusst wird, dass man FERIEN hat!! :)

  4. Pictures with different generations are so interesting !


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