August 31, 2012

les mûres



Blackberries are my favourite august fruit.
A weekend in France, getting up at seven, la cueillette in the vineyards, and then cooking the jam that I bring home with me.
My grandmother always made gelée, but I like the crunchy seeds in the jam, and the little berries that fall off of my tartine.

I'm leaving for Sicily today! I can't wait.
See you in two weeks!


  1. oh Jana, perfekte sommerbilder! ich wünsch euch eine tolle Zeit im wohlverdienten Urlaub, bis bald!

  2. we are waiting for some sun to pick some wild blackberries! no much hope really!
    enjoy Sicily, looking forward for your pictures!

  3. oh i love blackberries. we don't get them that much here in greece, but i do buy the gelee and i have to agree with you, the seeds are the best part about it!
    have fun in sicily, can't wait to see the pictures from your trip.

  4. i haven't been here far too long - what wonderful images of late summer!

    enjoy your time in sicily!

  5. sicily!!!!! have a fabulous time! we has such an amazing time there last summer. it's a great time to being going too.
    looking forward to seeing your photos!

  6. lot''s of berries..I have to look for some on the weekend

  7. lovely photos again!
    we also leave for Sicily in 10 days :-)
    how exciting.

    have a great trip!!

  8. oh blackberries. my garden is full of them, love it. love my hands after harvesting. <3


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