December 01, 2011

my neighbourhood

Some of the many photos taken on walks through my new neighbourhood in the last months.

I don't get tired of the things I see, and the light has been changing so much during these last weeks.
Buildings and sites do actually change, too, because they continue to tear buildings down and build new ones.

Luckily, because of the economical problems, they have slowed down a lot. Many "emptied" plots remain empty.

I can't imagine how it would have been to see all the millions of changes this area went through during the last years.

They have destroyed so much. But still, for me right now it's the best this city has.

PS: a pretty advent calendar.


  1. ein bisschen traurig, aber wunderschön. und toll dass die billigtouristen sich für die gegend nicht begeisten können!

  2. Interesting pics and so stranges !

  3. Beautiful photos... divorced from normality ;)


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