July 10, 2011

Poble Sec

Today I take you on a walk through Poble Sec, one of my favourite neighbourhoods located at the feet of Montjuïc. It grew as a residential and industrial area at the end of the 19th century, outside the town walls.
No idea why it's called "sec" though, which means dry.

Where it touches the Paral.lel it has the traits of a small Eixample. But if you go up the streets, beyond the Passeig de l'Exposició, the streets are deserted and the houses look like in a village, tiny, with their gardens and old trees.

I love to discover these little corners where the city remains untouched. They sometimes cure me from the feeling that Barcelona has lost so much of its loveliness in the last years, at least for a while.

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· I like these.

· These are two perfect summer images to me.

· I really want to go for a dip in the sea (I know, it shouldn't be so difficult with the beach right around the corner), mainly because I have a new bathing suit (by surprise; my mother bought it for herself but it didn't fit her).

· A great looking home (via Astrid).


  1. A mi también me gusta mucho el Poble Sec. Trabajé allí durante un tiempo y me encantaba subir la montaña por las mañanas, tomar un café en el surtidor y observar a los niños corriendo por la plaza :-) Es un barrio que tiene ambiente de pueblo.

  2. i love the history and the beauty in buildings that have been left to their own devices, worn and aged but somehow still so beautiful in their own right.

  3. Schön, diese Führung. Mehr davon bitte ;)

  4. Hello Jana...
    I have an analogue photo blog...
    and was wondering if you shoot film and if you are interested in submitting something...
    fingers crossed...

  5. que lindas fotos, que bonito barcelona, que ganas de darme una vueltita por el poble-sec...

    te dejo la dirección de nuestro blog por si quieres visitarlo: www.casablock.com

    saludos desde buenos aires!

  6. wow, lovely pictures. need to return to barcelona sooner then later :) great set!!

  7. Very nice walk...
    Thanks a lot !
    Greetings from France,



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