December 31, 2010

2010 favourites





Some photos and moments of this past year. I like to look at them like this, together, precious little memories of 2010.

1 The year started with the first days of January spent in France, in that tiny old village where I have spent many summers of my childhood and where still a lot of family reunions take place. During the last years it has also become a little refuge for N and me, especially for dark winter days by the fire place.

2 Then there were some days spent in Berlin at my sister M's place, full of walks through snow and ice and café visits. My favourite city in the world.

3 The third photo shows my feet, in France again, where we celebrated Easter with my family.

4 The next one is of my sunny street during spring.

5 Cherries in Turin, where we went at the end of May, right on time for them and for some of my favourite strawberry granita with whipped cream.

6,7,8,9,10 These photos are from New York, where we spent two fantastic and incredibly hot weeks in july. I fell so much in love with that city, with Brooklyn (that in some ways reminded me of Berlin) and with the apartment we stayed in. I'd love to go back soon (such a pity Christine is moving to Germany. Just kidding of course).

11 Curly chaotic summer hair, in France again, with N, my little sister L and my cousin by the pool.

12 This one is from an evening walk, a summer habit, through the Raval.

13,14 At the beginning of September I went to Munich, where my sister M now lives. Museums, great icecream, Rhabarberschorle and meeting Lio, my friend F's baby boy.

15 The summer was long this year, this one was taken in September, too. A walk to Montjuïc with N and A, with a museum visit and a picnic in the grass.

16 In October we went to Germany for a big beautiful family celebration, with lots of cousins, cold mornings and apple cake.

17,18 The last two photos are from this month, the first one from our rainy France weekend, and the second one from the streets of Gràcia.

And then there was a lot of school of course, not included here.
And, amongst other things I'm forgetting, I started to sew (a bit), I learned how to make Brioche, I took photos (and want to take many more next year) and I started this little blog which makes me very happy.

Thanks a lot for visiting and for leaving sweet comments, you make me smile.
I wish you a great last day of the old year; I hope that 2010 was good to you, and that 2011 will be even better.


  1. happy new year!
    from your photos it looks like you had a beautiful 2010!

    greetings from your favourite city in the world ;)

  2. liebe jana, ach was für wunderschöne bilder...ich bin auch gerade dabei so etwas ähnliches zu erstellen...das ist schon etwas die einzelnen monate noch einmal durchzugehen...und das jahr noch mal schnell zu erleben, momente, gedanken...ich finde es super, dass du deinen eigenen blog gestartet hast...hab einen guten start ins neues jahr..auf viele kleine swaps :)

  3. You have very beautiful photos, glad to find your space.
    Happy New Year. :)

  4. these photos are nothing short of inspiring. really amazing work...

    happy new year!

  5. Deine Bilder schaffen Sehnsucht.
    Wunderschön. DEie Bilder und das Gefühl dabei.

  6. Love you Pictures Jana! All the best for 2011!
    And I have posted the recipe for you.


  7. great post Jana !

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!

  8. happy new year!
    this collection is beautiful.
    looking forward to seeing more of barcelona in 2011!

  9. I love so many photos here!
    Happy New Year full of beautiful images:)

  10. wow Jana, great collection of pics!
    love to look at them

    all the best!

  11. Just beautiful .... what a collection !!!

  12. happy new year!!

    deine fotos sind so wunderschön. freue mich schon, dieses jahr mehr davon zu sehen!

  13. Wow, I love all of these!! Happy New Year

  14. these are all so beautiful. Especially love the street photos of France. xo


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